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Welcome! I'm Sarah Storm, the artist behind Created By Storm. I use this space to share my creations & inspirations! Stop by my shops & check out my latest pieces or follow me on Facebook & Twitter to get the latest scoop, coupons and giveaways! {Click Links Above} If you have any comments, please contact me. I would love to hear from you! Cheers

Sunday, April 17, 2011

{Keeping it Crafty: Upcycled Necklace Display}

Hello hello! I am so excited to share this post. As you know I am totally inspired by nature and love to incorporate bits of it in my home decor whenever possible. I recently came across this amazing necklace display from the lovely Boutique Brass Razoo and was smitten. The boutique, although seriously amazing, has no online store and is located in Idaho. So I set off to create one of these beauties for myself. Conveniently I had found a gorgeous wooden frame years ago at a flea market for $20 and it has be hidden away since. As I LOVE having a DIY project I got started right away and  decided to give it a few coats of my favorite shade gray I had lying around and set off on a walk with my dog to discover treasured tree branches. After convincing my dog Riley the sticks were not her's, I spent the afternoon giving my frame new life. I am very pleased with my new display that will also help keep my necklaces untangled.

{My Inspiration} 


Kate said...

You did it! :)
I loved the idea, too! You could also use clothes pins to attach items that cannot hang themselves to the sticks (like photos!) Very cute!

Created By Storm said...
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Created By Storm said...

That is a very good idea! She also uses pins on some of her displays which I might try. There is a photo on decor8

Jkdemonte said...

Sarah this is so awesome! You are an inspiration to me. I hope to someday have a home as crafty and beautiful as yours! This necklace display is a great addition!

Gilding Lilies said...

Fun idea. I love the fancy frame and the rustic stick combo!

Anonymous said...

For Christmas my sister in law gave me a jewlery organizer similar to yours. Mine has a screen inside the frame. I works great to hang my earrings so that I can see them all. Love your idea.

Italian Fine Arts said...

It's cool, home decor and accessory frame in one. A space saver and yet it is already a part of your room.

Lorie said...

This is a really cute idea! My daughter has a drawer full of accessories. This is a great way to beautify her room and keep her accessories.

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